Nauclea orientalis

Tall riverine tree, called Leichardt Pine, with pink pincushion flowers and woody fruits going soft when ripe.

Nauclea orientalis

Nauclea orientalis

Nauclea orientalis

This tall tree has leaves with strong anti-oxidant properties.

Nauclea orientalis fruit

Nauclea orientalis fruit

Nauclea orientalis

Nauclea orientalis

Factsheet – Nauclea orientalis

… Produces a useful, moderately durable, general purpose timber.

See also: Nauclea orientalis – World Agroforestry Centre

Anti-cancer and other properties of the Leichardt Pine here.

Anthelmintic research found here.  returned the following

N, β-D-Glucopyranosyl vincosamide, a light regulated indole alkaloid from the shoots of Psychotria leiocarpa

AT Henriques, SO Lopes, JT Paranhos, TS Gregianini… – Phytochemistry, 2004 – Elsevier

Phytochemistry. These alkaloids are frequently found in Rubiaceae, particularly in neotropical
species of the genera Psychotria and Palicourea, an exclusively neotropical genus, ( Achenbach
et al., 1995 and Kerber et al., 2001) and Nauclea or Neonauclea 3.4. Alkaloid analysis.

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[PDF] from

In vitro evaluation of anthelmintic activity of Nauclea orientalis leaves

STV Raghavamma, N Rao – Indian journal of pharmaceutical …, 2010 –

Phytochemical analysis of the crude extracts showed the presence of tannins and saponins as
one of conclusion, only the anthelmintic activity was evaluated for the leaf extracts of N. orientalis.
The crude extracts of Nauclea orientalis has to be further studied to isolate the active

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Indole alkoloids from Nauclea officinalis with weak antimalarial activity

J Sun, H Lou, S Dai, H Xu, F Zhao, K Liu – Phytochemistry, 2008 – Elsevier

Phytochemistry. There are about 35 species of plants belonging to the genus Nauclea, including
Nauclea orientalis, Nauclea latifolia and Nauclea diderrichhii Nauclea officinalis Pierre ex Pitard
(Rubiaceae), a traditional Chinese Herb, is widely used to cure colds, pink eye, and

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[PDF] from

Antimalarial constituents from Nauclea orientalis (L.) L.

ZD He, CY Ma, HJ Zhang, GT Tan… – Chemistry & …, 2005 – Wiley Online Library

from plants of Vietnam and Laos [4], the CHCl3-soluble extract of the stem of Nauclea orientalis
(L.) L A search of the literature revealed no prior phytochemical or pharmacological studies on
this plant. The dried, milled stem (0.59 kg) of N. orientalis was extracted with Me2CO.

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New indole alkaloid glycosides from Nauclea orientalis

CAJ Erdelmeier, AD Wright, J Orjala… – Planta …, 1991 –

the leaves of this plant species (3). In the course of our phytochemical studies on isolated from
Pertusadina euryncha (9), a species closely related to the genus Nauclea (10), and TLC and HPLC
analyses of rapidly prepared methanolic extracts of an N. orientalis leaf sample

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