Terminalia petiolaris

A medium sized and spreading semi-deciduous species with drupes turning purple when ripe, found around all Kimberley coastal regions. Sometimes called marool or Blackberry tree

Terminalia petiolaris

About Tom Harley

Amateur ecologist and horticulturalist and CEO of Kimberley Environmental Horticulture Inc. (Tom Harley)
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2 Responses to Terminalia petiolaris

  1. derbyiters says:

    Hi there, i have 2 billy goat plums and another ( unknown named small tree ) that is a bush fruit of the Kimb’s that has a purple fruit 2/3 X bigger than the bgp that has a differing leaf format. Trying to find out what it is ? “ it has a pointed leaf end, that growing quicker than the other bgp at home 👍 thanks for any ideas ?.”


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