Mimusops elengi

Wide spreading tree with dark fissured trunk, and green to red when ripe edible fruits. An important vine forest tree along the Kimberley coast.

Mimusops elengiMimusops elengi2 Mimusops elengi1

This species is widespread along northern Australia’s coastal region, Africa, India and SE Asia. Also known as Bullet Wood Tree due to it’s hardness. The tree has many uses besides the edible fruit. Also a Street tree, common in Townsville.

Common names: Spanish Cherry, Bullet Wood, Bakul Red CoondooTree, and in Broome, Mamajen.

Mimusops is from two Greek words, μιμος (mimos), an imitator, mimic, andοψις (opsis), the face –  the corolla and the shape of the flowers resemble a monkey’s face; elengi is the Malayalam name of the species.

This is a large, spreading evergreen tree that can reach a height of up to 16 m, with an umbrella-shaped canopy. It grows in the tropical forests of south and south-east Asia and northern Australia. It is often found on dunes, sandy banks and near mangroves. It can tolerate large amounts of salt, sand and sun.

Ethnobotanical, phytochemical and pharmacological review of … – NCBI

Mimusops elengi is Indian native plant and is used for a long time in the history of …. Ethanolic extract of M. elengi seeds yielded quercitol, dihydroquercetin, and …

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