Bombax ceiba

Bombax ceiba2A tall layered deciduous tree, flowering when leafless, mostly red but a yellow version was seen in recent years. Related to the Boab, this species is found in NWKimberley gorges and wetlands. It often has woody thorns on the trunk. Seed pod is filled with a kapok material containing small round seeds.

buckleys 003 buckleys 004 Bombax ceiba Bombax ceiba2

Florabase description and range.

This species has a soft wood, suitable for carving. Many uses include the edible tuber on seedlings, a somewhat radish kind of taste. Flowers and leaves are edible. This tree also has substantial medicinal values (Vol 3, Medicinal Plants in Australia by Cheryll Williams) and for stuffing pillows with seed fluff and using the bark to make string. The flower is also used in Chinese medicine as an analgesic.

Bombax ceiba Bombax ceiba deciduous Bombax ceiba

Bombax Ceiba Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Bombax Ceiba. List of various diseases cured by Bombax Ceiba. How Bombax Ceiba is effective for various …

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Bombax ceiba is a medicinal tree and is also referred as silent doctor. … Home remedies with Semal or Bombax ceiba. Here is how various parts of Silk cotton tree can be used at home to treat various disorders.

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