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Acacia retivenia

Originally posted on northwestplants:
A showy 3m shrub with oval phyllodes which has raised veins, and large yellow ball flowers. Found at the edgar Range and near Tunnel Creek, west of Fitzroy Crossing. Acacia retivenia

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Acrostichum speciosum

This Mangrove fern is fairly common around Kimberley wetlands, and a Pilbara location can grow fronds to 3 m but 1.5m is the norm. The more erect fronds contain the spores on the back of the leaves.

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Seringia exastia

This rare and endangered (threatened) species, formerly from the Keraudrenia genus, which have all been renamed Seringia, is found near Broome and in the Great Sandy Desert. It has not been seen to set seed after years of study. Click … Continue reading

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Ficus brachypoda

Large spreading fig tree with yellow fruits. Found across all Kimberley and Pilbara drainage zones, rocky outcrops and gorges. This tree is a prolific fruiting species, and a common inhabitant of rocky outcrops where sacred sites are important to indigenous … Continue reading

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Vachellia pachyphloia ssp pachyphloia

Found near Lombadina, 160km north of Broome and further north in the West Kimberley, and in the Ord River region of the East Kimberley, this species is one of several that were removed from the Acacia genus due to having … Continue reading

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Parinari nonda

Tree, from 2 to 6m, rarely seen as a tree, grows prostrate near the cliffs at Price’s Point, and scattered Kimberley locations, has small oval coriaceous leaves. Edible orange fruits in abundance, though not yet seen by the author here. … Continue reading

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Opilia amentacea

This is an uncommon root parasite found across the Kimberley. Also found in Africa, with a number of uses, edible and medicinal. It is effective against symptoms of Malaria in Africa. Grows as a shrubby liane, with roots and leaves … Continue reading

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Dodonaea oxyptera

Large shrub to about 3 or 4 metres with small viscous leaves, green tri-winged papery seed pods containing small black seeds. From Central-west Kimberley to the Northern Kimberley.  

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Acacia phlebocarpa

A barely 1metre high, spreading sticky shrub from the Central Kimberley, which makes it suitable for verges and gardens in the suburbs.

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Eucalyptus jensenii

This Ironbark Tree is found from the Edgar Range south of Broome to the North Kimberley. Often in woodlands with this as the dominant species, it has a dark fissured bark when mature, white flowers and narrow leaves. Superb tree … Continue reading

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